Let’s Ninja, Shall We?

It only took a year and then some, but Ninja Café is back in a big way with a brand new comic! And I must say it feels good to be a gangster. I mean back. It feels good to be back, and a gangster, so I’ve heard.

And please welcome the first (only) superhero to the Ninja Café universe, Dick Puncher. He’s here to punch crime in the dick!



See? Dick Puncher also comes with his own theme music. Like so:

(In the tune of “These Boots Are Made for Walkin‘” by Nancy Sinatra)

Crime dicks are made for punchin’, and that’s just what he’ll do.
One of these days Dick Puncher’ll punch the dicks of all of you.

And here’s the Vanilla Ice “Ninja Rap” version:

Dick punch, Dick Punch-er, dick punch, Dick Punch-er, dick punch, Dick Punch-er, Dick, dick, punch, punch
Go dick punch, go Dick Punch-er, Go dick punch, go Dick Punch-er, go dick punch, go Dick Punch-er
Go, go, go, go

Stay tuned for more Dick Puncher. Hopefully in less than a year.