Double episode season finale!!! Shell’s about to go down, y’all! The Turtles/Kraang-Shredder War is on! Are the Turtles any match for little pink alien invaders? Will we finally find out Irma (the Germa)’s secret power? Yes. Yes, we will.


The episode begins with Shred Head reminiscing via some cool animation Karai’s unfortunate dip in the vat of mutagen. Kraang Prime and Shredder have a conference and discuss their team up. Kraang will help Shredder get Splinter and the Turtles, and Shredder will help Kraang take over New York, like Jay-Z. Kraang also agreed to turn Karai back to normal, if they can find her that is.


In snowy New York, April and Irma are cruising the streets. April notices that Irma is dressed for summer despite the cool weather. Hmmm, suspicious. They are suddenly swarmed by Foot Massage Bots. Evil Foot Bots who give deadly massages to one’s feet.

Meanwhile, Raph and Casey are out searching for Karai. Well, Raph is. Casey is just checking out some graffiti of himself on the wall. Did he paint that? What a regular Banksy.

In the lair, donnie unveils his weapon against the Kraang, the Turtle Mech. A very Gundam/Voltron/Robot Force Five 5 inspired piece of machinery. Despite its awesomeness and guarantee by Donnie to defeat the Kraang, Leo recommends a contingency plan, a base outside of the city if things get too heavy. Donnie pulls a Raph and gets all up in Leo’s turtle face.


April and Irma escape down the sewers and head to the lair. Splinter is not pleased about receiving April’s unannounced guest, and rightfully so. Turns out Irma has been a kraang all along. And not just any Kraang, Kraang Subprime: the greatest Kraang spy of all Dimension X. And she/he/it’s pretty badass.

Raph spots Karai, but before he can do anything, Casey gets busted for looking at graffiti by the cops. And it’s this moment that shell goes down. The Kraang invasion has begun!
The cops turn out to be more kraang in disguise. Fighting commences everywhere! Kraang portal in to the Turtles’ lair and start messing the place up real good. It’s clear that the turtles are terribly outnumbered and outgunned. The best they can do is scramble and escape without getting their shells blown off.

In the lair, Splinter holds off the Kraang while everyone else escapes. In a sad moment (for Donnie), Kraang Subprime destroys the Shellraiser. Leo pulls a splinter and holds off more Kraang so that an injured Donnie, Mikey and April can escape and hideout at April’s dad’s place. Donnie regrets not listening to Leo and getting out of the city. Too late for that, Donnie!


In April’s dads’ place, Donnie tries to profess his love for April, since it may be his last chance as it looks like all of civilisation is doomed. April cuts him off before any hearts can get broken. Hopefully after this Donnie will get the message and drop his April crush. Sorry Donnie, the world’s just not ready for Turtle/human love. Not yet.

After a pretty good fight, Splinter defeats Kraang Subprime. But the damage has been done. The lair is destroyed.

Leo’s still on a one turtle mission to defeat every foot soldier ever. He does pretty darn well, too.

Kraang Prime suddenly portals to earth and starts blasting New York city with mutagen, turning everything and everyone into Dimension X monsters. And that’s where the first half of the double episode finale ends. Now for the second half! Things are looking…less than great.

Kraang Prime continues to turn New York into New Dimension X. Casey and Raph look done for, until the Earth Protection Force shows up and starts blasting Kraang. Who the heck is the Earth Protection Force?

Leatherhead show up in the sewers and helps out Splinter, who was in a spot of bother with the Kraang.
Leo continues battling the Foot. After taking out pretty much every Foot soldier, he levels up and takes out Tiger Claw, Rahzar and Sever. Shredder, who was watching Leo fight the whole time, finally steps in and cheap shots Leo, slicing him up real good. Splinter shows up, and begins an epic battle with Shredder.


Casey and Raph joint the other Turtles in April’s dad’s place. In a moment very reminiscent of the first Turtles movie, Leo comes crashing in through the window, shell-cracked and unconscious. It’s a very distressing moment, much like when Raph came crashing down through the ceiling of April’s apartment in the movie.

vlcsnap-2014-09-26-22h20m02s86 vlcsnap-2014-09-26-22h20m33s150

The turtles start fighting the Foot and Mr O’Neil gets mutated, again. Meanwhile, Shredder and Splinter continue to beat each other to death. Splinter is down, but before Shredder can finish him off, Leatherhead makes the save and Hulk smashes Shredder. Shredder is pretty tough though, and doesn’t stay down for long. He dispatches Leatherhead, but Splinter levels up and the fight continues.

The Turtles pick up a few possessions from the lair and then go to find Splinter. They don’t have to look for long though as the Splinter and Shredder come to them. Despite some amazing moves by Splinter, Shredder bests him and sends him packing down giant drain as the turtles and April helplessly look on. Raph goes in a rage, but Mikey hugs him down. Yep, let the waterworks begin. Things are getting emotional.

The Turtles decide to put up one last fight. The final stand. Enter Turtle Mech. The Turtle Mech atoms some Kraang, but has a tougher time with Kraang Prime. In a last-ditch effort, the Turtle Mech blasts Kraang Prime with everything it has (with the help of the whole city’s electrical supply), but can only momentarily knock Kraang Prime out. The Turtle Mech is fried, and Kraang Prime has the Turtles cornered. Suddenly, April does some weird psychic punch and then Casey drives Mr O’Neil’s party wagon into Kraang’s head. The Turtles bail to April’s family’s country house upstate, just like in the first movie, again.

vlcsnap-2014-09-26-22h32m19s33 vlcsnap-2014-09-26-22h32m27s126

In the sewer, Karai finally makes an appearance and rescues an unconscious Splinter. The episode closes with New York taken over by the Kraang, Leo and Splinter have fallen, and the Turtles are on the run and have no idea what they’re going to do next. Fun times!


Awesome, if not very depressing season finale. I love the callbacks to the first movie and the recent comic run, with the Turtles retreating to O’Neil family’s forever handy upstate country house to regroup.
Leo had a really strong episode. I loved the he went solo and single-handedly defeated the entire Foot Clan, only to be cut down from behind by the Shredder. The moment where Leo came crashing through the window into the apartment was very powerful.
Although it was only a short appearance, Kraang Subprime was a lot of fun. I hope we get to see more of Dimension X’s greatest spy ever somewhere down the track.
Here’s hoping the Turtles can somehow figure out a way to save New York, and the world. Until season three, shell you later, folks!