The role of Princess Leia will be played today by Old Man Leatherhead.


This week’s episode begins in Dimension X, where Leatherhead is running from the Kraang while holding some kind of crystal shart. I mean shard. Leatherhead eventually gets outnumbered, but before he’s taken down, he goes on a white rage rampage and brutalises a whole mess of Kraang soldiers. Gator Roll! He also manages to get a distress signal out to the Turtles in a very Star Warsy/Princess Leia fashion, hence the Leia reference. I sure do love me some Leatherhead. Slash or Leatherhead: Who do you like more?


In the lair, Raph, Leo and Mikey are about to sit down end enjoy a good old fashioned VHS tape of the final episode of Super Robot Mecha Force Five Team 5. Mikey also has a Truman Show moment that was pretty funny. Mikey feels bad that Donnie is missing out on the show, and because he’s the stupidest idiot in the world, picks up the TV and VCR and tries to walk it to Donnie in his lab. Obviously, Mikey falls and the VHS gets all ruined. Yep, Mikey’s a klutz today. Well, for now anyway.


Mikey brings the busted tape to Donnie to see if he can fix it, but Donnie’s busy working on mecha turtle robot stuff for the eventual showdown with the Kraang. Donnie accidentally opens a Kraang portal to Dimension X. The Turtles suddenly get Old Man Leatherhead’s message through the white orb that Donnie has. When did Leatherhead go to Dimension X, anyway? My memory fails me because it’s a failure. Anyway, Mikey’s super happy that Leatherhead’s alive. Oh, the orb stops working, and Mikey’s solution is to smash it against a hard place. Klutz part two. Leo suggests forming a plan to go rescue Leatherhead, because Leo. Mikey can’t wait and suicide dives into the portal.The other Turtles follow quickly.


And it’s now that we get a really good look at what Dimension X is all about. In a word, or two, it’s bats##t nutty. The laws of physics are different. The monsters are deceptively cute, before they turn into giant, ferocious, turtle eating, very uncute monsters. And it’s pretty beautiful. Leo, Raph and Donnie begin their search for Mikey. They have a very difficult time adapting to their new surroundings. When everything wants to eat you, that’s understandable. Leo doesn’t help matters by constantly falling for the monsters’ cutesy routine.
Donnie learns that breaking off crystal shards, which can be used as a power source, results in the part that it’s broken off from violently exploding. Good to know.


It’s worth mentioning that Dimension X is pretty great. The design, the science, the creatures. It’s really cool to see. Also the sequence where the turtles are getting chased by the Psych-I’m-Not-Really-Cute-Monster (Thanks, Leo!) is really nicely done. Really great animation and fast paced action.

Mikey suddenly appears, in Mad Max/Dimension X armour and saves his bros using some explody crystal shards that he’s worked out can be used as pretty nifty weapons. It turns out time also works differently in Dimension X. Mikey was only in there for a few seconds before the other Turtles, but in Dimension X time, that could be months, or hours, Mikey’s not really sure. What is clear is that Mikey has used his time to more or less master Dimension X. Like Raph says, Mikey is like a genius there. He knows all the ins and outs. Of course, it doesn’t take Leo too long to get jealous of Mikey calling the shots and taking charge.

The guys head to the Kraang headquarters, which are guarded by Traag and Granitor, those giant rock monsters we’ve met before. Mikey would have had them handled if Leo hadn’t tried to take charge. After failing miserably, Mikey takes care of the rock monsters using his mad Dimension X skills.


In the headquarters, the Kraang are working on their plans to invade earth and use the mutagen to mutate everything on earth, and basically turn it into a new Dimension X. Dimension Y? XY? The Turtles find Leatherhead, who has aged fairly badly due to the sped up time of Dimension X.

So they all come across a whole bunch of portals and a Kraang manufacturing tunnel, which is bad because it produces limitless Kraang. Donnie, in a weird, cowardly moment, wants to bail. Everyone else though steps right into action to stop the Kraang production. They manage to close the tunnel, but not the portals. Donnie’s computer magic fails him this day. The battle between the Turtles and Kraang is really cool, particularly Leatherhead and Leo’s “Fastball Special.” Mikey once again takes charge and works his magic on the computers, and actually manages to close the portals.

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The Turtles and Leatherhead escape back to earth through the one remaining open portal. Mikey manages to snap off piece of crystal in Dimension X before the portal closes, causing the Kraang headquarters to be blown to bits. Very cool move by Mikey.

The shard he broke off can also be used as a power source for Donnie. Mikey’s sad he’s no longer a genius and proceeds to fall off a building. The episode closes with everyone getting their game face on for the upcoming Kraang/Turtle war.


Fantastic episode once again. I loved getting to experience and learn more about Dimension X than we have before. The design and laws of physics are really great. It would be a pretty cool place if everything didn’t try to eat you. And the Kraang.

Mikey started off super annoying, but ended up having a great role this episode. His backwards thinking geniusness was really fun to watch. Leo getting jealous was a bit annoying, but not surprising. Speaking of unseemly behaviour, Donnie’s cowardliness felt a bit odd. Sure, he’s not the bravest or strongest of Turtles, but he’s not usually so keen to run from battle.

I really like the return of Old Man Leatherhead. The older he gets, the more badass he becomes.
The episode did a really good job of building to the eventual Kraang/Turtles war. The slow build to what should be an epic battle is really fun to watch unfold. Now, just when are we going to finally get to see that final episode of Super Robot Mecha Force Five Team 5?