Karai, you awesome stupid idiot!


Serpent mutants, dramatic rescues, heart-wrenching reunions and stupid-ass decisions. Let’s get to it!


We start this week with Karai making break for it form her cell. Just when you think she’s in the clear, out comes Tiger Claw – with Inception style dramatic music to boot. Karai puts up a good fight (well, not really – but she tried) but Tiger Claw is too much for her. Shredder stops Tiger Claw from harming his ex-daughter(?), while Karai makes it clear that she i son daughter of Shredder’s. Not any more.

Opening Creds!

In the lair, Leo is putting together a plan to rescue Karai with the gang. His plan is solid, but Splinter doesn’t want his kids risking their lives, or Karai’s.

Leo basically says “f@%k, Splinter” and leads the gang in a mission to save Karai.
On the mission, it’s Mikey’s job to distract Xever and Rahzar – a job he does well, though he gets his arm nearly sliced off by Rahzar. You wouldn’t know it as the slice is invisible for some, probably kid-friendly reason. Donnie stays put in the Shellraiser while Leo and Raph bus tin the Shredder’s lair to get Karai.


Tiger Claw shows up to stop them, but Donnie uses a high pitched frequency device that deafens Tiger Claw, allowing the Turtles to escape with Karai. We then get an epic car chase with Tiger Claw and Xever with a bunch of Foot on motorbikes going after the Turtles in the Shellraiser. Donnie uses some nifty gadgets to take out the pursuers. Tiger Claw gets on top of the Shellraiser and rips Karai out, and then proceeds to drop an elbow down on her. Donnie uses some clever driving to take out Tiger Claw with a low rooftop.

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The Turtle snake it back to the lair with Karai, where Splinter is too happy to be angry about Leo disobeying his orders.

Splinter tells Karai his full backstory about him and Shredder. Some really interesting facts are made known, like how Splinter and Shredder grew up together like brothers. They both fell for the same girl, who ended up choosing Splinter. Shredder, trying to kill Splinter, accidentally killed Karai’s mother instead – an act that he blames Splinter for, which is very…unreasonable. After hearing about how Shredder killed her mother and totally ruined Splinter’s life, Karai his hell bent on vengeance. Splinter tries calming her down – with tea.

It didn’t work, as Karai sneaks out and goes after Shredder alone in what has got to be one of the biggest “Don’t be such a stupid idiot!” moments in Turtle history. Shredder offers to go with Karai, but gets smoke bombed for his efforts. Karai wants to take out Shredder on her own, see? How could that possibly go wrong.


Of course it goes wrong and Karai gets captured. Shredder has a plan to turn the Turtles into mindless serpents using a vat of mutagen prepared by Stockman and Karai as bait. Stockman accidentally mixes something into the mutagen but shrugs it off. because it’s only science – whatevs! That will probably play a part in things to come.


The Turtles go after Karai, again, but this time with Splinter. And it’s FIGHT TIME!
Splinter and Shredder go at it while the Turtles take on the Foot. All the turtles, except for Leo (just!) get caught in rat traps (turtle traps?). Leo escapes his trap and goes of Karai, who’s hanging precariously above the vat of mutagen. Shredder cuts the chain holding Karai. Leo and Karai both fall – Karai into the mutagen while Leo falls away from it.
Karai turns into s freaky serpent mutant with snakes for arms and instantly, instinctually, goes for Splinter. Splinter calms her for a moment, but she quickly spits in Raph’s face, temporarily blinding him, and escapes.
Shredder of course blames his daughter’s unfortunate mutation on Splinter. Good grief, Shredder. Accept some damn responsibility already!


The Turtles escape, but extremely sad and butthurt about Miwa. We end with freaky serpent Miwa transforming back into regular Miwa, with added snake eyes and teeth. See, I told you that Stockman accident with the mutagen would come into play later. Yay to me for seeing something that was obvious!

Final Thoughts


That is what this episode was. A crazy, Turtle themed roller coaster that went up and down and all around the spectrum of emotions.
From the highs of Leo and the gaming rescuing Karai. The WTF you stupid idiot moment of Karai going after Shredder alone, to the devastating moment of Karai dropping into the mutagen as her helpless father looked on. BRUTAL! But also brilliant. This episode was simply brilliant.