Plan 10 from Dimension X


Aw crap. It’s a freaky Friday episode – the most tired of all TV tropes. Fortunately, TMNT managed to find a way to still make it fun. I did love the Plan 9 from Outer Space reference. Just when you thought the TMNT couldn’t get any cooler, they go and reference a movie from one of the greatest directors of all time, Ed Wood. And in two straight episodes, I am left wanting to see another TMNT spinoff series. But more about that later.


The Kraang have been watching too many old sci-fi movies ti seems, as their new plan to take over the world is to switch the superior Kraang minds with the inferior minds of the world’s leaders. A soon as I realised this was a “Freaky Friday” episode, my heart instantly sank. That is one trope I can live without. Fortunately, TMNT puts its own spin on the formula, and thanks to some great writing, Plan 10 is actually quite a fun episode. The Turtles are on hand to put a stop to the Kraang, but they aren’t in time to help poor Mr. Peepers, whose mind is switched into a man’s. Mr. Peepers is a pigeon. I don’t know the man’s name. Maybe they’re both Mr. Peepers.

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Opening Theme!

The Turtles crack some Kraang skulls, and in the brouhaha activate the mind switching machine. The machine reverses switches the man and Mr. Peepers’ minds, but also switches Raph’s mind with one of the Kraang. Leo picks up Raph as they escape, not realising that inside his head is the mind of a Kraang.

In the Shellraiser, Mikey wakes up Raph via the tickles (Raph was KO’d earlier by the mind switching machine) only to find out he’s not really Raph. Kraang-Raph (Kraang in Raph’s body) escapes the Shellraiser. Meanwhile Raph-Kraang (Raph in Kraang’s body/brainy face) wakes up and finds that he’s stranded in the Technodrome. He handle the mind switching situation quite well, though he hasn’t got as much control over the Kraang body as Kraang-Raph does over Raph’s body. Practice makes perfect.

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Kraang-Raph is having difficulties locating his fellow Kraang, and has a hilariously melancholy moment with a shop window. The Turtles find Kraang-Raph and take him back to the lair, where Casey is complaining about dubbed anime. Before Casey can get hands with April, the turtles return with Kraang-Raph, who Casey finds quite amusing.


Raph Kraang literally stumbles into the Kraang’s mission room where he finds the communication orb, which he will use to contact Donnie, and where he also learns a bit more about Plan 10. So Raph-Kraang contacts Donnie who locate his coordinates, and the Turtles, along with Casey, April and Kraang-Raph set off in the Turtle Sub to go save Raph-Kraang.
The Turtle Sub runs into it’s old aquatic friend. After catching up on old times and some broken hearts, they get into a little underwater scuffle, but the Turtles eventually make it to the technodrome. Just a little aside, I really love that the Turtle Sub torpedoes are made from cola bottles. Donnie is certainly a resourceful turtle.

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Raph is finally outed by the Kraang and gets blasted to death. Well, his Kraang body does anyway, Raph is still alive in the squishy Kraang brain and legs (tentacles it?) it before really getting blasted.


In the Technodrome, the Turtles, in a total Ninja-Fail, immediately get captured by the Kraang. Luckily, Raph-Kraang, or is it Kraang-Raph? – I’m confused by my own naming device. I think it’s Raph-Kraang – turns up and saves his bros.

The Turtles bust in on the Kraang, who are about to begin Plan 10. Big fight scene commences. Raph-Kraang with sai is very badass. During the battle, Casey and April accidentally get mind swapped. Casey instantly turn into a total perv, checking out his/April’s but and trying to get hands with himself/her. Pretty risqué, Nickelodeon.

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In the end, Casey and April get reverse mind swapped, as do Raph-Kraang and Kraang-Raph. In a better world, we’d have a TMNT spinoff following the cantankerous Raph-Kraang and the melancholy Kraang-Raph as they learn to live together in a small apartment in the big city. For now, we can only dream.

Half the Technodrome blows up and the Turtles escape to safety in the Turtle sub. All is now well, except of the fact that the Kraang have thousands of soldiers ready to invade earth. Luckily, the earth has Donnie, and Donnie has big war plans of his own.

Final Thoughts

“Freaky F@#king Friday!” God I hate that trope. Credit goes to TMNT 2012 for actually taking a tired trope and doing a good job with it. There were way more laughs than I expected with Raph-Kraang and Kraang-Raph.
This episode did a good job of progressing the (almost forgotten by me) Kraang invasion storyline, ending with the revelation that the Kraang hare armed and ready to attack.
The additional Casey/April mind swapping was a bit unnecessary, but provided a couple of good laughs.
All in all this was yet another fun episode, despite a couple of tired plot devices.
Also, let’s get a Kraang-Raph/Raph-Kraang odd couple spinoff ASAP, please.