He’s back, b%$ches!

Tiger Claw returns, Karai finally deals with her family affairs, and Stinky Irma is stinky and nasty.



We open with a flashback to Karai dealing with the truth about her father in TMNT 2×13: The Manhattan Project. She asks Shredder about her mother and Splinter, but once again he lies to her, saying Hamato Yoshi took her away. By the way, if Hamato Yoshi were a fruit/vegetable, he’d be called Tomato Yoshi.
Tiger Claw has returned form the depths of inter dimensional hell where he battled through 80s Turtles, Kraang armies, and alien worlds all so he could to get his revenge on Splinter the those “hideous reptiles.” That’s determination.
Shreds sends Karai and Tigger to destroy Splinter and the Turtles. Because that always works. Why don’t you try sending them to do the groceries, see if they can manage that, and then they can work their way up to destroying the Turtles. Oh well…

Opening Credits!

The Turtles are in Mr. Murakami’s restaurant fighting over Pizza Gyoza. Leo’s a total cheater!
Leo is particularly broody tonight, thinking about Karai. Always about Karai with Leo. He doesn’t understand how she doesn’t believe the truth about Shredder and who her father really is. Mikey has some unexpectedly wise words for Leo, though said through a mouth full of pizza gyoza.


Karai and Tigger are out looking for the reptiles. Karai suddenly realises she knows a lot about the Turtles, including their weaknesses. They head to Mr. Murakami’s and beat him up a bit (after the Turtles have left already), trying to get some answers out of him. But he’s no snitch.
The Turtles return to Mr. Murakami’s because Mikey forget their Doggy bad, which contains the fate of the world inside. He tells them what happened. Leo assumes (correctly) that Tigger and Karai are going to go after April and Casey next.

April and Casey can’t be contacted because they’re coming out of a movie, which April enjoyed immensely. Casey is annoyed that stinking Irma had to come along and ruin their date together. Poor stinky Irma, always the third wheel, never the…first or second wheel? Hey, if they were a tricycle she’d be a very important part of the group!

April can sense danger, cause she got Spidey Senses now! April and Casey split up and totally ditch Irma. Stinky Irma. Casey runs into Tiger Claw. Those two have a great fight scene, which Casey inevitably loses, because Tiger Claw is a huge badass tiger, and Casey has rollerblades. Luckily he gets a distress call out to Raph before he’s knocked out.



April runs into Karai, who only wants to talk. Karai explains that she doubts Shredder’s honour, and that she’s now willing to betray Shredder. “cough” “cough” “Yeah right” “cough.”
April falls for it. Leo and Donnie find April and Karai. Karai says she finally believes Leo, and April believes Karai and Donnie believes April. And now for the Face Palm moment of the episode:
Karai: I believe you.
Leo: Okie Dokie then let’s go to our secret lair and see Splinter because I totally believe you and trust you now no problem.

Leo is slightly naive here in believing Karai so easily.


So they take her to the lair where she instantly signals to Tiger Claw to come and bust heads.
But, she also talks with Splinter, listens to what he has to say, sees the picture of her mother and herself as a baby with Hamato Yoshi and finally, after all this time, actually believes Splinter. This is a big turning point for Karai’s character. She suddenly realises what she’s done and warns everybody that Tiger Claw is on his way.

Splinter’s Wise Words of the Day to Karai, “You are who you choose to be. Not what others make you.” So true, Splints.

Oh, at some point Raph and Mikey brought Casey’s dead body back to the Lair. OK he’s not dead, but he really got his butt handed to him by Tiger Claw. He’ll pull through though.

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With the Turtles, Karai leads Tiger Claw to a meat packing dungeon type place, with hanging carcasses and buzzaws all over the place. This leads to an incredible fight sequence. They Turtles start off super stealthy, almost like horror movie characters, appearing and disappearing behind hanging meat carcasses. Really cool stuff. Once the fight began It had such an intensity about it, a feeling of “this s$%t is real!” It was probably the buzzing saws and meat grinders adding that extra element of danger to an already intense situation.


After an epic battle, Tiger Claw defeats all the Turtles, but Karai makes the save and attacks Tiger Claw before he can deliver the killing blow. Unfortunately, Tiger Claw gets the best of her and takes her back to Shredder, where he tells him of her betrayal. Leo wanted to go after them but Mikey’s injuries looked pretty serious so they stayed back.

Karai asked Shredder once again if Hamato Yoshi is her real father. Shredder finally admits the truth, and then locks Karai up in dungeon.



Final Thoughts

Great episode but a real downer ending with Karai locked up. This episode was a huge turning point for Karai. She finally knows, and believes the truth about her father. She’s officially aligned herself with Splinter and the Turtles, making the save before Tiger Claw could finish them off.
The fight scene between Tiger Claw and the Turtles was super intense — one of the best of the series.
I can’t wait to learn the fate of Karai. Will she be locked up forever? Will Mikey survive his brutal beating at the hands of Tiger Claws. Will Irma continue being the punchline of Casey’s jokes? Come back next time to find out.