Sassy Flying Pizzas



Welcome to this week’s TMNT recap. Prepare yourself, things are about to get…weird.

Things start with April ditching Irma to hang out with her “secret friends.” Irma gets mowed down by a freaked out pizza delivery guy. Sucks to be Irma.
I seriously thought Irma was killed when that guy ran her down. The pizza guy dropped his pizza, so April took it, because she likes garbage pizza. Shortly, the pizza begins talking to April. It wants April to eat it. So…that’s normal. April opens the box and I’m pretty sure is eaten to death by the pizza? So she’s dead I assume.

Opening Credits!

Guys are in the lair watching that amazing Voltron-esque anime. Does anybody know the name of the show they watch? It’s driving me nuts! I’m sure they mentioned the name of it earlier on in the season. Donnie is trying to contact April but she’s not answering, because she was presumably killed by a pizza. I presume. Mike has a bigger problem, all the pizza shops aren’t answering their phones. Leo literally blows Mikey’s mind by suggesting he makes his own. And make his own he does, and it’s…not so very appetising.

So Leo orders an Antonio’s pizza, who just had an agreeably crazy TV commercial play on TV. The pizza arrives. Mikey calls the guys who are off doing some training, but before they come, the pizza starts talking to Mikey. And then it tries to eat him, or make Mikey eat it. I’m not sure.


Basically Mikey fights a pizza. And eventually punches it to death. The other Turtles show up and just figure Mikey ate the pizza.
Mikey goes to Antonio’s to find out what’s up with the psycho pizzas. He finds April who has become zombiefied.


He tries to take a photo with hisT-Phone, but hasn’t quite mastered the art of photography. He’s then attacked by two guys and a girl…with pizza faces! Mikey gets his butt handily kicked, but manages to escape back to the lair, where he finds that the turtles have also become zombified. Looks like it’s all up to Mikey to save the day!
Mikey’s attacked by a bunch of flying pizzas, but he beats them all to death. The other turtles have disappeared, so Mikey interrogates one of the flying pizzas to get to the bottom of what’s going on, bad cop style!

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The flying pizza spills its crust and explains that a pizza shop owner stumbled across some mutagen, tried turning it into a special sauce, but ended up getting mutated into…Pizza Face! A singing pizza monster that looks like Pizza the Hut from Spaceballs.
Mikey goes to Pizza Face’s pizza shop, where he preparing to eat Calzone April. Pizza Face also sings a lot, and turns the Turtles into super pizza zombies. And I’ll never sleep peacefully again. So scary!


Mikey apologetically (Mostly) takes out the Turtles, but can’t beat Splinter. Just when it looks like Mikey is down and out, and Pizza Face is going to eat April, Mikey saves the day by getting…hungry? Mikey eats everything and everyone, including Pizza Face. After eating Pizza Face, Mikey belches everyone out of their zombie trance. Yep, that’s right. Well, it may have been Pizza Face releasing them after Mikey threatened to completely eat him to death.


In the end Mikey thinks it was all a dream, but…IT WASN’T! PIZZA FACE IS REAL!


What. The. Heck. Was. That? That has got to be the most bizarre episode of TMNT in the history of TMNT, right? Mutant Pizzeria monster with pizza zombie powers? Sassy flying pizzas! Mikey saving the day by literally eating Pizza Face’s face off! And then at the end, with the dream fake out like some kind of Freddy Kruger movie. Speaking of, how many movies did this episode pay homage to? Evil dead with the sassy flying pizza trying to eat Mikey like it’s the Necronomicon…

…Night of the Living Dead with the zombies; the Three Stooges with Mikey and Raph’s little bit together early on; The Exorcist with Ice-Cream Kitty’s head twist in the freezer: Alien with Mikey exploding out of Pizza Face, even Spaceballs – I thought that was Pizza the Hut for a second! It even turned into a musical in two occasions: First with Mikey’s pizza making rap, and then Pizza Face’s human calzone making theme song. I’m gonna say that one was a Sweeney Todd reference. This was a seriously wacky episode. Oh, and how bloody terrifying were the turtles and those people with their evil pizza faces!? I’ll be seeing you tonight, nightmares!

I don’t even know how to feel about this episode. Yeah it was a filler, and it was so bizarre that I just watched in awe. I enjoyed it, but mainly for it’s craziness more than anything else. It was very different in feel and tone to most episodes, and I think that’s a good thing, so long as it’s done in small doses. Too many episodes like this and my mind will explode.

The weirdest thing though, is after watching a giant pizza try to turn people into human clones and eat them alive, I kind of really feel like eating pizza? Am I a pizza zombie? Hello, therapy!

Favourite Moments

  • Mikey taking out all the turtles while they’re possessed by Pizza Face, and apologising to each of them after he beats them up, except for Raph, who Mikey is NOT sorry to!
  • One of the pizza face goons throws a little pizza faced girl into Mikey’s face!