“I’m not people” is the new “I’m the tag team champions!”

This week, Casey and Raph’s BROmance almost turns into a BROke up! Mikey is hilarious as always, Donnie unleashes T-Roach, and IT’S SLASH!!! OM MY GOD OH MY GOD be cool, man. Be cool. SLAAAAAASH! And Newtralizer’s back.


We start with Raph and Casey chasing down some Kraang who have some plutonium. Raph and Casey trip each other up and the Kraang get away, well almost. When Casey and Raph catch up, the Kraang have been taken out by…SLASH!!! Slash is back! All is good and right!

Opening credits!

In the lair, Mikey’s playing pinball because they live in the 1980s? 70s? When was pinball a thing? Raph and Casey return from their failed plutonium mission. Raph is none to pleased with Casey, something that will continue throughout the entire episode. While trying to figure out who beat the crap out of the Kraang, Mikey has the greatest suggestion possible: Squirrels with Lasers! The Turtles decide to go on a mission to hunt whoever’s hunting the Kraang.

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On mission, Raph and Casey start bitching about each other, while Mikey and Don find a bunch of beat up Kraang. Mikey does a Kraang impression which is to die for! Donnie doesn’t feel the same way as I do, however. Leo finds more busted up Kraang, and a piece of Slash’s shell, realising that it’s Slash who’s obliterating the Kraang and stealing the plutonium.


While arguing like little school children, Casey and Raph get out-stealthed by Slash, who introduces his insane partner, Newtralizer. who proceeds to destroy some Kraang. Slash and the Newtralizer are on a mission to wipe out the Kraang, or so Slash believes…


Casey tries to join in the fight but almost gets run over by a car. Raph has to make the save, something else he’ll do a lot of this episode. Meanwhile, the Newtralizer finds some gadget he was looking for, that when mixed with plutonium, can allow the user to teleport. Pretty nifty tech! Raph and Slash have a little scuffle with Slash coming out on top. Slash and Newt bail teleportation style.

Having returned to the lair, Ice-Cream Kitty makes a welcome, albeit brief appearance, providing some ice for Casey’s’ aching head. Come back soon, Ice-Cream Kitty! We miss you! Raph continues to chew Casey out. Raph can be a real hard-ass sometimes. Donnie works out a way to track the plutonium/Slash and Newt using…video-games?


Elsewhere, Slash and Newt are busting Kraang heads. Newt wants to blow up a Kraang building, but Slash is worried about hurting civilians. Newt reminds Slash about a “vow” they made while prisoners in the Kraang joint. A vow to annihilate the Kraang at any cost! The turtles arrive, and get their butts kicked by Slash and Newt. Casey has to be saved once again by Raph from the falling building. Casey bails after getting chewed out one too many times by Raph. Also Newt is getting a bit dodgy with Slash, not revealing his full plans, which are sure to be not good.

In the aftermath of their beat-down, Donnie reveals he his a Spy-Roach on Slash while he was getting punched in the face, which will allow him to listen in on what Slash and Newt say. Nice multitasking, Donnie!

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Newt reveals his plans to steal a new Kraang weapon and use it to destroy basically everything. Slash is not cool with hurting innocent people, cause he’s the best!

And we have a big showdown where the Kraang weapon is revealed. It’s basically one of those big walking machines from Star Wars that shoots lasers. An AT-AT? Hey nerds, is that what they’re called? The Kraang do a successful test of the weapon. I think they probably could have done that before bringing it through the portal into a new dimension. The Turtles and Slash n’ Newt attack the Kraang. Newt gains control of the not AT-AT and starts trying to shoot everybody to death. Newt is unstoppable, until Casey, much like Luke in his X-wing, finds the little weak point in the weapon, a very small hole. Casey hockey hits a bomb into the hole, which destroys the machine. Very Star Warsy! Mikey even ties the weapons legs up like in the movie. Newt manages to teleport to safety before the weapon explodes to pieces.


After the battle, Slash and Raph make up. Raph invites Slash to join the team, but Slash wants to go it alone for now. Oh and Raph and Casey also make up. Bros for life!

Final Thoughts

Mikey was very funny. He’s been killing it with he comedy this season. The Raph/Casey storyline was fine. Raph getting all uppity and angry at someone is a bit played out by this point. The highlight for me was the return of Slash, who after getting mislead by Newt, became a total good guy in the end. Donnie’s Spy-Roach, while innovative, was digesting! Roaches are the worst! Also, has anyone seen April?

One last thing, what was the Newtralizer’s deal with saying Raka Roka blah blah all the time? That was grating. Nonetheless, another fun instalment of TMNT!