Finally, the Baxter Stockman we know and hate is here! Buzz Buzz!

So, this is going to be very quick recap this week. It’ll be over before you can say, “buzz buzz.”


We open with Baxter Stockman working hard to create new mutants for shredder, who is running out of patience. I for one loved the duck mutant idea — we get a little Bebop and Rocksteady tease. Shreds ain’t f#@king around no more and injects Stockman with mutagen as punishment for being bad at his job. Ol’ flyboy’s back, baby!

Hit the Music!

In Donnie’s lab, Donnie doing science while April is not giving two f#@ks and sleeping, even though Donnie is trying to create a retro mutagen to help her dad. Pretty ungrateful, April!
Donnie’s experiment is a success and the Retro Mutagen is ready. All they need to do now is find April’s dad, which turns out to be super easy. Donnie could only make enough RM for April’s dad and Splinter. Splinter is totally “Ah, try it on her dad first before you touch me with that stuff.”
Oh, and Mikey has no idea how mutagen works.


April’s dad is just hanging out, sucking billboard girl’s billboard blood. The Turtles are just about to sneak up and inject Mr. O’Neil with the retro mutagen, when Baxter Stockman, who is in full Fly mode now, snatches the canister away. Baxter escaped earlier from Bradford and set out to find a retro mutagen that would take away his mutation,but leave him strong. Actually he did a bunch of science and I thought he was going to create the mutagen himself, but next time we see him he’s out trying to steal Donnie’s mutagen. Why make your own when you can steal someone else’s I guess. Donnie and Baxter have a scuffle, and as a result the canister goes flying and smashes open onto a car. Goodbye, retro mutagen. Luckily, Donnie has one more batch, but now he can’t change Splinter back to human form. Splinter doesn’t mind though so it’s cool. Rats 4 lyfe and all that!
Baxter kidnaps April and takes her to a lab somewhere, where he ties her up in a super erotic position, and has her hanging above a tank of mutagen. Did I mention the erotic tying up of April? Come on, Baxter! There’re kids watching, you know!


Baxter’s plan is to drop April in a vat of mutagen and jumping in wither her, with the hopeful result of Stockman reverting to human form.
The Turtles recruit Casey “Air Guitar” Jones (you’ll see later) to go and save April (Geez how many times have I written that before?) from Baxter’s Stranger-Danger Room. Raph and Mikey are on a side mission to find (again) April’s dad. And as it’s a flying mission, this brings on the highly anticipated return of Turflytle! Buzz buzz!

The turtles arrive at Stockman’s lab (how did they know where it was?), and try their darndest to save April. Unfortunately, Donnie is too slow and April falls to her death into the mutagen. Ok well she doesn’t die as such — actually, nothing happens to her at all. She’s immunes to mutagen.

Raph and Turflytle are busy trying to catch April’s dad. They’re having…difficulties.

Bradford and some foot solders show up to the lab. Bradford wants the mutagen for himself. You know, guys, if you’s all stop being so greedy and chill the f out, I’m sure Donnie would whip you all up a batch of retro mutagen. Have you even tried asking?

The Turtles bail in the Turtle van with April, who can track down her dad using “special feelings”. Eww!

The Raph and Turflytle final catch April’s dad, just as the rest of the Turtles show up. Before Donnie can deliver the mutagen, Stockman swoops in and snatches it away, again.

Turflytle, Maggot Boy (Raph), Leo and Donnie all go after Stockman, as do a bunch of flying foot-bots.
What follows is a kick ass aerial action sequence. Really great fun in the skies! April and Casey decide to ride April’s dad (inappropriate) and join in the game of hot retro mutagen potato. In the end all the players crash in to each other and the mutagen falls to its death. With some quick thinking, April swoops in on her dad to catch the last drop before it hits the ground.
April’s dad reverts to a human form. Stockman goes back to working for the Shredder and vomits on a chocolate bar.

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Mikey. No, sorry. Turflytle declares Stockman-Fly as his arch enemy.

Another really fun episode. It was really cool to see the Stockman-Fly make his debut. The aerial battle of the mutagen canister was tons of fun! And lots of laughs were to be had with Mikey’s return of Turflytle (and Maggot Boy).

See you next time, Turtle fans!