It’s Filler Time!


In this week’s episode, the Turtles discover the joys of role-playing games, after finding the board game, Mazes & Mutants, in the trash. Things take a turn for the bizarre when a mutant with dungeon mastering powers turns the game into reality.

It may be a filler episode, but when the fillers are this much fun, it’s not a bad thing.

The episodes starts with the turtles already engrossed in the world of Mazes & Mutants. Splinter, while getting a Cheezicle from Ice-Cream Kitty, who’s still “chilling” in the freezer, has a bad feeling about the game. And that’s the end of Splinter for this episode. Thanks for your input, Splints!


We then see the guys through the eyes of nerdy, medieval sounding guy with a weird hand, holding a crystal ball. Nerdy guy says the game is about to begin, but he says it more medievaller than that. Take that, grammar!

Cut to theme music!

Later in the lair, Donnie and Raph are watching that Voltron-esque show, whose name escapes me at the moment. Leo and Mikey decide they gonna finish the Maze & Mutants game they started earlier Live Action Role Play style, by dressing up and cruising the sewers. I should point out that I give absolutely zero f%#ks about role-playing games/board games, etc. I only like cool things like comics, Nintendo, and pro-wrestling. Wait a minute…that makes me…a…a…a super rad guy!!! Yes! So anyway, if I start calling the turtles nerds and dorks and you get offended, well, just deal with, dorks!


So the dorks start dressing up like medieval dorks and continue the game in the sewers, where Leo has set up obstacles and adventures. Donnie’s a Wizard, Leo’s a Knight, Mikey’s an Elven Thief, and Raph’s a (tall) Dwarf Barbarian, and I’m just about ready die. Just kidding, it’s actually quite amusing so far. This episode has a real “Community” feel about it. And me likes “Community!” #SixSeasonsandaMovie.

After defeating a deadly (rubber) tree troll, some mysterious myst appears, and suddenly the turtles are walking real dungeons, instead of the sewers. S%#t just got real, basically.


The dungeon starts trying to crash and pierce the turtles with giant pillars and arrows, when suddenly a weird mutant bird guy appears, called Sir Malachi. More like Sir Nerdachi. Right?

Malachi has April trapped in a glowy sphere; the only way she can be saved and the turtles can return home, is if the they solve some nerdy riddles and finish their quest.

Fair enough. The inclusion of April in the quest seems a tad unnecessary. Puzzle solving and quest completing sounded like enough to do. Anyways…Malachi bails and a bunch of Monkey Goblins appear, but they’re not much of a match for the turtles.

As the quest continues, Mikey starts to who sign go Gollumism, as he gets more and more protective of his “Ring of Awesome”, which is actually pretty awesome.


Raph puts his foot in it when he stats teach talking Malachi. Malachi punishes Raph by turing his head into a turkey. Raph is not pleased. Mikey on the other hand…


The quest takes a turn into Indiana Jones territory when a flaming boulder threatens to crush the Turtles. Luckily they got out of the way in the nick of time.

Leo solves the riddle by saying something that sounded logical, like all the riddles are one blah blah blah Mikey accidentally pulls a secret lever that opens a passageway to a secret room where April is being kept captive.

Before they can rescue April, Leatherhead appears, in form of dragon! Leatherhead starts kicking turtle butt. The Turtles try to put up a fight, but their toy weapons are useless against him, because they are toy weapons Leo, the ideas man this episode, has the idea that if they imagine their weapons are real, they’ll become real. And it works like charm!

vlcsnap-2014-04-28-23h23m12s91 vlcsnap-2014-04-28-23h23m20s159

With magically real weapons the Turtles defeat Leatherhead, but then April suddenly disappears. Malachi returns to give the Turtles another mission. Leo, who’s on fire, realises it’s all just an illusion. He also realises that Malachi is just a mutant with weird mind altering powers.

Malachi is defeated when the turtles stop believing everything is real. Game over, Malachi.

They all return to the Lair where I guess they were the entire time. Malachi explains that all he really wanted was someone to play with. Turns out he’s just a lonely dork. Nerdachi promises not to force people to play with him ever again. And Donnie thinks he’s Gandalf.



As said earlier, this episode was straight up filler. But it was still very funny and different to the somewhat tired “mutant of the week” routine, with a bit of a “Community vibe going on throughout. Though, I guess it kind of was that with the introduction of Malachi. Still, fun stuff, even if it was a super duper dorky themed episode!

Later nerds!