‘Tremors II’


Warning: Full SPOILERS from the episode to follow.

When we left off, things were not looking good for the good guys: Splinter was knocked out, Leo was about to get his head chopped off by Karai and Donnie, April and Casey were about to get eaten by the giant worms from ‘Tremors’. How oh how are they going to get out these messes? Let’s find out!

Karai actually tries to behead Leo as if she’s King Joffrey or something. Fortunately, tiger Claw of all people blocks her sword, saying that Shredder demands the honor of decapitating the Turtles, more or less.

Splinter on the other hand is fair game, but before Tigger and Karai can get him, Splinter frees the Turtles. The Turtles escape, but Splinter gets kicked by Tiger Claw and left behind. “Gee thanks, my sons. Real nice of you to leave me to die!”

thanks guys

Thanks, guys!

Elsewhere, Donnie, Casey and April are getting chased by a giant ‘Tremors’ worm. I’m just going to follow Casey’s lead and call the worms ‘spaceworms’ from now on. ‘Giant Tremor worms’ is a bit too wordy. Casey unsuccessfully tries to slow the spaceworm down with a can of yellow spray-paint to the mouth. Nice try! Didn’t work.

casey vs the worm

April and Donnie head for higher ground by climbing a sewer ladder. Donnie holds out his stick for Casey to grab. Casey does a cool slow motion jump to grab the stick, but just before he reaches it he’s plucked out of the air by the spaceworm, and presumably eaten to death. So long CJ. April is understandably distraught.

save1 save2 save3 save4

Back in the lair – the Turtle lair, not to be confused with Shredder’s lair. Man, who doesn’t have a lair on this show? Anyway, back in the TURTLE’S lair, Leo is bandaging up Mikey while Raph is playing the blame game with Leo. It’s always Leo’s fault, isn’t it, Raph? Mikey gives a pretty poor speech to get the guys pumped for a Splinter rescue mission. And pumped they get!

speech1 speech2 speech3 speech4 speech5 speech6 speech7 speech8speech9

April and Donnie are now determined to stop the Kraang Worms, as they call them, I’m sticking to spaceworms though. They turn to the wonderfully voiced Mr. Kurtzman for help. I assume he has a lair too, though it just looks like a regular apartment to me. He’s already done some digging into the mysterious earthquakes AND has some photos of the spaceworms. This guy is pretty darn good at his job. Oh, and we can call him ‘Jack’ now.


All the way over in Shredder’s lair, Splinter is getting waterboarded by Tigger. Tigger, Bradford and Xever are giving Splinter mad props for not being dead from the poison. Fair enough. Splinter disses the Shredder for wearing a mask. But don’t the Turtles also wear masks? Come on, Splinter, what’s with the double standards? Shredder goes to behead Splinter (what’s with this family and beheading people?), but this time Karai stops him, saying it ain’t cool to kill a dude while is weakened, poisoned and chained. Tigger agrees. Shredder decides to let Splinter fight for his life. Splinter thanks Karai and says that she reminds him of her mother. Karai ain’t hearing it though and blames Splinter for ruining her family – she is one angry young lady!

April and Donnie learn that the spaceworms they saw are only the children, and that the Kraang are going to start milking the big ones soon. Jack doesn’t know how to stop them, but he does know that the spaceworms can be ridden like horses. That’s helpful? April gets a surprise phone call from the late great Casey Jones. He’s calling from inside the worm. Pretty gross! Casey asks to be saved before he gets digested. Gross again! I’d say he’s handling things pretty well considering.


Leo sneaks into Shredder’s lair to save Splinter all by his lonesome. The Foot are waiting for him though and he gets caught straight away. Good job, Leo! You’ve learned well. Shredder and Splinter throw down, but Splinter is still weakened from the poison so it’s hardly a fair fight. Karai, watching Splinter get beaten, is showing signs of sympathy towards Splinter. Could she finally be accepting that Splinter is telling the truth? Shredder is about to go for the deathblow, but suddenly another earthquake hist and knocks Shredder off balance. Shredder stumbles onto the glass portion of the floor, Splinter simply pokes the glass, causing it to break and Shredder to fall through. Raph and Mikey come to the rescue and help Splinter and Leo escape.

April and Donnie are back in the tunnels. Donnie’s big plan is to play baseball with some cans of salt and the spaceworm. His plan works, more or less, and the salt messes up the worm’s neuro—something or other. Basically salt makes the worms hurl like nobody’s business. The spaceworm throws up Casey a very gross out, but happy moment. Donnie, April and Casey then discover the Kraang trying to bring a huge parent spaceworm through the portal.

hurl1 hurl2 hurl3

Back on the rooftops, the Turtles have to stop running to let Splinter rest. No time for rest though as the baddies (minus Shredder who stayed back to chill) have already caught up to them. And it’s fight time! Except for Splinter, he’s meditating of course.

Screenshot 2014-03-07 00.09.34

Even Raph is sick of your meditating, Splinter!

While they’re fighting on the rooftops, the guys in the tunnel are working on a plan to stop the Kraang and send the spaceworms back through the portal. Things are going on all over the place! Splinter has healed himself via meditation and joins in on the action. Fights are going on all over the place. Another earthquake hits and causes Karai to fall off the top of a building. She’s alright though.

Underground, April learns to ride a spaceworm and uses it to crush the Kraang while Donnie tries to reverse the portal. April riding a spaceworm is…slightly erotic.

erotic1 erotic2

Tigger is about to defeat Splinter, but Leo makes the save with a sweet fly-kick that temporarily KO’s Tigger. And this is where the two groups finally intersect as April and Casey ride a spaceworm up through the ground into the streets, right next to where the fight is happening on the rooftops. Convenient! Tiger Claw goes for one last attack, but Splinter hits him right into the mouth of the spaceworm.

Donnie finally manages to reverse the portal. The portal sucks in the spaceworms and the Kraang, and almost Casey and April too, but Donnie catches them just in time and then shuts off the portal. The day is saved! Donnie and Casey even have a mutual respect moment and forget about their rivalry over April. But we’ll see how long that lasts.


On the rooftop, the bad guys are gone, except for Karai who is eavesdropping on the conversation between all the good guys. Splinter says that he hopes Karai will one day accept the truth and stop being a total a-hole. Until then, it’s time to celebrate their victory. Oh, and the spaceworms are sent to the synthpoppy 90’s Turtles dimension. Oh well, that’s a problem for the 90’s Turtles to handle, and handle they will with…TURTLE POWER!


Final Thoughts

Super great double episode of TMNT. Each character, including the baddies were given some time to shine. The action and fights were all really good too. I’m enjoying the slow burn with the Karai story. Though she’s probably too stubborn to ever really become a good guy. But who know? Tiger Claw was a pretty cool baddy. I liked his Boba Fett style, and also the way their fates were very similar – eaten by wormlike space monsters. Until Next time, cowabunga one and all!