LukeKarai, I Am Your Father.


Warning: Full SPOILERS from the episode to follow.

Wowsers! Two TMNT episodes in one week – everything’s coming up Turtle fans! AND this episode is a double episode! So I’ll be recapping it in two parts. Otherwise I’ll die of Turtle overload.

No, this episode is not based on the similarly titled Jonathan Hickman comic book series. Is it? I guess it could be.

We begin this week with Karai, Rahzar and some Foot Soldiers on a rooftop, preparing for an unsanctioned (Shreds is in Japan and has no idea what’s going on) sneak attack on the Turtles. Karai is such a rebel, guys! This is pretty By the way, every time I go to type ‘Karai,’ I accidentally type ‘Karia’ instead. I CAN’T STOP DOING IT I’M SORRY!

spy1 spy2

So the foot attack, a good little battle ensues. While Leo and Karai are going at it, Leo tells her straight up that Splinter is her father. She doesn’t believe him – I guess I wouldn’t want to hear my father is a rat-man either.


Suddenly an earthquake hits which causes a big cement chimney thing to fall down. Leo saves Karai – well, kicks her out of the way – and ends up getting himself squished. And that’s the end of Leo.


Gasps indeed!

Enter opening credits.

The guys are dig up Leo’s remains. Just kidding, he made it!

The Turtles are back in the lair, watching the earthquake news on TV with the hilarious news presenter.

hair1 hair2 hair3 hair4

The guys are suspicious about earthquakes in Manhattan so Donnie is doing some research to find out what’s going on. I guess earthquakes in New York are uncommon. Is that common knowledge? I guess it probably is. I know nothing!

Donnie tracks down where the earthquakes are coming from. Mikey is not quite on the same page though.

mikeysmind1 mikeysmind2

Meanwhile, Splints is meditating – Shocker! Leo fesses up to Splinter about telling Karai that Splinter is her baby daddy. Splinter has some wise words for Leo.

saying1 saying2 saying3

Splinter also realizes that he does have to stop avoiding paying child support and tell Karai himself that he really is her father. Oh if Jerry Springer were alive today. Wait, is he still alive? Anyway…Karai’s real name is Miwa. That sounds nicer than Karai.


Over in Shredder’s lair, Shreds has returned from Japan, and he’s brought the baddest-assiest assassin in all of Asia. It’s Boba Fett, B####s! Nah just kidding, it’s Tiger Claw! But he basically is the TMNT version of Boba Fett – he’s got the guns, the jet-pack, the coolness. They both like milk probably.

milk1 milk2 milk3


Shreds instantly makes Tigger his No. 2 guy, pissing of Karai big time. Shreds sends them on a mission to capture Splinter and the Turtles. I’m expecting some great buddy cop movie moments between Karai and Tigger.


Over on some other rooftops, or maybe the same ones as earlier – they all look pretty similar, Casey and April are on a ninja date. It’s like a normal date, but you run around on rooftops like a ninja! They find some Kraang soldiers walking into some kind of portable portal. Casey beats up one of the Kraang and April closes the porta-portal. She decides she should take it to Donnie so he can check it out. Casey suggest taking it to a real scientist. JEALOUS!!! Man is this love triangle ever going to end?

crumpet1 crumpet2

In the Turtle Lair, April and Casey arrive and they all look at the portal. April activates it and with very little thought, Raph goes into it, followed by Casey, followed by everyone else. Geez guys! Ever think before you act?


Touch it!

On the other side of the portal is some kind of Portal Station, with an endless amount of open portals leading to an endless amount of dimensions. One dimension we see, is the home of the original 90’s animated Ninja Turtles. Mikey is quick to note how dorky they all look in the 90’s.


Donnie doesn’t mind April’s yellow jumpsuit though.

nicejumpsuit nicejumpsuit2

We also get a quick peek at Dimension X. It’s very X’y looking.


The Kraang notices the trespassers and we get another fight scene. Lots of cool fights in this episode. Raph, Mikey and Leo get knocked into a portal, while Donnie, Casey and April are caught by the Kraang and taken away. Uh oh. Oh also Casey takes a shot at Donnie. Come on, guys, can’t we all just get along?

Oh! And we got to see Butt Cannons again!

butt1 butt2

Leo, Mikey and Raph are dumped into a dumpster by the portal.


The run into Tiger Claw! And Karai. Mikey was surprisingly OK with the fact that Tiger Claw announced himself. Usually Mikey is the guy who makes up names for new characters. Tigger and the Turtles have cool, colourful fight, but Tigger and his laser guns and sweet jet-pack is too much for the Turtles.


Tigger forces Leo to call Splinter to come. This scene is amazing!

phone1 phone2 phone3 phone4 phone5 phone6 phone7 phone8 phone9


Splinter arrives just in time to save the Turtles from incineration. Splinter then kicks Tigger’s butt, but just before he has the fight won, Karai shoots him with a poison dart. And Splinter goes down like a sack of potatoes!

Meanwhile, Donnie, Casey and April escape from their captors, and discover what was causing the earthquakes. Turns out the Kraang are using the worm monsters from the movie ‘Tremors’ to make mutagen. So that’s where mutagen comes from! It’s worm monster goo! Oh and the worm monsters are terrifying!


Before going unconscious, Splinter dramatically reaches out for Karai, calling by her real name ‘Miwa’. For a split second Karai actually looks like she believes Splinter is really her her father, but she snaps back into mean Karai almost instantly. Leo tells Karai that Splinter is her father again. This really pisses her off, so she threatens Leo to shut up, or she’ll chop his head off! Karai and effing around, Leo!

silent silent2

And that’s where the episode would usually end if weren’t a double episode. But that’s where I’m going to end it today. Come back tomorrow to find out if Karai actually does decapitate Leo. Or if she finally chills out and accepts Splinter is her papa.