The Rat King’s Back, B#####S!

Warning: Full SPOILERS from the episode to follow.


Welcome to this week’s TMNT recap. If you missed last week’s, you can find it right here.

This week sees the return of the Rat King – this is not going to be a good episode for Casey Jones.

We start the episode with Casey, April and classic third wheel Irma, who are walking…somewhere, home I guess. Casey thanks Irma for ruining his date with April, who replies that she didn’t realize they were on a date. They give each other a sneaky smile – aww…young love.

A rat suddenly runs out in front of them – it’s being chased by a street cat which April thinks is adorable. Open your eyes, April! That cat is nasty! Casey jumps because he’s a fraidy cat when it comes to rats. Irma tells everyone how interesting rats are because nerd. April sees that the cat has no tags so she and Casey ditch Irma while they go find the kitty a home. Irma is curious as to where they are going together all the time. Mind your own business, Irma! After April and Casey have left, Irma is attacked by a shadowy creature. Uh oh.

Enter opening theme.

In the lair, Splinter is showing the Turtles how cool he is by kicking Leo’s butt…with a BLINDFOLD on! Basically he’s just finished reading Mark Waid’s recent run on Daredevil and is teaching the Turtles how to be more like Daredevil, and some stuff about being in control. Suddenly, an image of the Rat King appears in Splinter’s head. Splinter goes red eyed and crazy for moment and nearly attacks the Turtles for reals. Luckily he snaps out of it before any damage is done. Lesson’s over. Splinter decides he needs to meditate. Meditation fixes everything, kids.


Angry Splinter

Donnie starts doing science with some mutagen. Mikey decides to eat a bazillion scoop ice-cream cone next to said mutagen. Kids, you shouldn’t eat ice-cream cones around sciency stuff – ice-cream in a bowl is OK though. Some of the ice-cream falls into the mutagen. In a moment, this will lead to the most amazing thing ever. Just hold on a second.




April and Casey arrive at the lair. Donnie is majorly jealous of Casey – he isn’t even trying to hide it. April wants to dump the kitty with the Turtles. I guess she forgot about Splinter being a RAT! Mikey instantly loves the kitty, much like April did. Mikey takes the kitty over to the table with all the mutagen on it. Good move, Mikey. The cat starts licking Mikey’s ice-cream, but gets bored of that and while Mikey isn’t looking, starts eating the mutagen that got mixed with ice-cream earlier. And now, in the most amazing thing ever to happen, the kitty mutates into…ICE-CREAM KITTY. And Ice-Cream Kitty is adorable. Before anyone sees what’s happened, Mikey grabs Ice-Cream Kitty and bolts for it.

Ice Cream Kitty = Amazing

Splinter is off meditating. Always meditating this guy, but the Rat King continues to hack his mind. It seems the Rat King’s powers have grown – not only is he in Splinter’s mind, he’s in his very soul. Splinter kicks him out, but the Rat King says he got what he came for. What does that mean? What did he take? His wallet? Give it back, Rat King! It’s not yours!

Mikey puts Ice-Cream Kitty in the freezer to keep him, her, it? Safe. Then he licks Ice-Cream Kitty. Weird. Even weirder, one lick isn’t enough, so Mikey starts licking/making out (licking out?) with Ice-Cream Kitty. That is wrong on so many levels I can’t even begin. Splinter walks in and says he needs ice (or a cheezicle?) for his head. Mikey doesn’t want him to open the freezer so he says no to Splinter. Splinter loses it and beats the crap out of Mikey. I think he is losing control to the Rat King.

kiss kiss 2 kiss 3 kiss 4 kiss 5 what


Above ground on the street of New York, the Rat King appears wearing the fanciest of hats and lets his army of giant and regular sized rats loose on the people of New York.


Ole Fancyhats

It’s good to actually see some people in New York in this episode. Often it looks a bit like a ghost town, I guess due to animation budgets, or laziness. The rats run riot and start attacking people. The Rat King can basically see everything through the eyes of his rats. Cool trick. The Turtles see what’s happening on the news. Casey is freaking out about giant rats – it’s basically his worst nightmare come to life. Poor guy. For me it would be giant cockroaches, so I can sympathise.


Worst Party Ever!

The Turtles come to the rescue in their sweet Turtle Karts. I hope Turtle Kart becomes a Nintendo game. They try to lead the rats away from the people. How? With Mikey bait! Mikey gets used as bait for the rats by wearing a cheese hat and getting pulled behind the Turtle Karts on a skateboard. Vintage Mikey. Mikey asks why he has to be bait. Raph says it’s because he’s awesome at being bait. It’s so true.

Casey has a badass moment on his super tricked out bike. He takes out a few rats with a homemade flamethrower and a fireworks rocket. His bike is so much cooler than mine – all mine has are rainbow tassels. The rats are too much for Casey – they knock him off his bike and take him down to the sewers. What’s kidnapping called when done by rats? Ratnapping? Rat King orders all the rats to return to the lair because they’ve ratnapped enough humans.

coolbike coolbike2

Casey wakes up in a cage with Irma, who was ratnapped at the start of the episode. The Rat King starts yapping about how he’s making an army of rat people by using mutagen and mad science skills. Irma faints at the idea of becoming a rat person – Casey catches her because he’s a nice guy. Remember that for later.

Back in the lair, Splinter explains that the Rat King figured out how to make rat people by looking deep inside Splinter. I guess that’s what the took from Splinter earlier. I get it now. The guys prepare for their mission: to save Casey and stop the Rat King. Mikey secretly brings Ice-Cream Kitty with him on the mission. Yes!

The Rat King hasn’t quite perfected the rat people mutagen, so he decides he needs to do another test…on Irma. She faints again, but this time Casey just sits there and lets her fall down. What the hell, Casey! He’s just over it. Like screw you, Irma, I’ve got fricking giant rats to deal with!


The guys arrive to the Rat King’s lair ready for action. Mikey has a cooler with him with Ice-Cream Kitty inside, which nobody seems to find strange. I guess coolers are one of the lesser known ancient ninja weapons.

As the turtles are just about to strike, the Rat King takes full control of Splinter. Mikey does some quick thinking, and in one the best moments in Turtle history, launches Ice-Cream Kitty into the Rat King’s face. Ice-Cream Kitty goes to town on the Rat King, which causes him to lose his control over Splinter. Ice-Cream Kitty is amazing!!!

kittymissile1kittymissile2kitty missilekitty attack

Mikey’s “Smell the cheese…” fighting tactic with the giant rats is hilarious! “Smell it!” he shouts, followed by a fist!

The Turtles and April fight the rats and free all the prisoners. Irma tries to help by pushing buttons randomly on a control panel and accidentally turning on a giant fan that nearly chops up Donnie. Mikey makes the save just in time. Thanks for the help, Irma! Donnie finally notices Ice-Cream Kitty – he is not impressed. Donnie and April have a nice little moment. Donnies crush on April is getting pretty wierd, right? I mean, where is this headed? Are we going to see a turtle/human relationship? That would be pretty weird. I hope whatever they do decide to do, they sort it out soon.

Casey has a face your fears moment where he KO’s a giant rat. Congratulations Casey. Ice-Cream Kitty saves Mikey from a giant rat. Mikey says thanks with licks. So wrong!

ko1 ko2 ko3


Meanwhile, Splinter has chased the Rat King to…Castlevania, I think. Splinter and the Rat King have a pretty great final fight, which sees Splinter wearing the Rat King’s own blindfold (eww gross) so that the Rat King can’t see Splinter’s moves coming. He also straight up murders the Rat King’s pet rat, Aristotle. Splinter ain’t f#####g around no more! Splinter, in full badass mode, drops some classic Splinter wisdom on the Rat King, “Control is an illusion. It can be even more blinding than the inability to see. It can…send you over the edge.” Rat King then falls off the edge, presumably to his death. Pretty grim ending for him.



And that’s the end of the show. This episode saw Splinter in pretty great badass form. Each character had good some good moments, nobody felt forgotten which is good. But the star of the episode was definitely ICE-CREAM KITTY! Hopefully we see more of him/her/it in the future.