hes talking to you, leo

Yes! A Metalhead episode! In this week’s TMNT, Donnie has rewired Metalhead so that he is the ultimate training partner, but maybe a little too ultimate, as Metalhead takes out all the Turtles in their first training session. We also learn that the Kraang have been keeping all the mutants from previous episodes prisoner in a place that can only be accessed via a Kraang portal.


We start this week’s TMNT with Donny activating the new and improved Metalhead with updated A.I. The guys are (reasonably) skeptical. Metalhead has been programmed with as many different fighting styles as possible, and is instantly too much for the Turtles to handle in their first training session together. Mikey, in a running gag throughout the entire episode, has…difficulties with Metalhead’s fist.

poor mikey


After getting their butts whooped, Splinter stops the training. Spinter says that Metalhead is a valuable tool for the Turtles, but Leonardo thinks he’s too dangerous. But I think Leonardo is just jealous that Metalhead has eye rockets. Leo’s distrust of Metalhead is a running theme throughout the episode.

eye rockets

Eye rockets! Classic ninja!

Metalheads alarm goes off, signalling that someone is approaching the lair. Turns out that Spider Bytez is getting chased by the Kraang.

spider bytez

Enter opening theme!


Spider Bytez asks the “frogs” for help, but the Kraang capture him and take him away in a van before they can do anything. Fortunately, Donnie has taught Metalhead, who shows up in the Turtle van, how to drive (sort of).

van1van 2


This leads to a really fun car chase scene full of garbage and regular rockets, but the Kraang get away after entering a garage and suddenly disappearing.

garbage rocket

This will not end well for you.


Leonardo continues to be down on Metalhead, even though he did just help them out. Come on, Leo. Give the guy a chance!


How could you be down on this guy?


The guys look for a secret passage or something the Kraang could have used to escape. Mikey checks the lockers for some reason only Mikey knows, unsuccessfully.


It turns out the Kraang have secret Kraang computers hidden in…vending machines? Fortunately Mikey loves Pizzaritos, otherwise they might not have found it.

Right before class…

Good job, Mikey!


Here’s where the trouble really begins. Metalhead tries to access the Krang database by connecting to the computer, but in a very R2D2 like manner, the machine overloads Metalhead’s circuits and then explodes. This leaves Metalhead super glitchy – one glitch is Metalhead’s rocket fist uncontrollably launching, usually into Mikey’s head. Poor Mikey, he is not having a good episode.


Back in the lab, Donnie gets to fixing Metalhead. Mikey is…unhelpful.


Metalheads uncontrollable rocket fists cause an uncontrollable reaction for Mikey:


After hours of unsuccessfully trying to fix Metalhead’s glitches, Leo tries to convince Donnie that he has to shut down Metalhead’s A.I. because he’s too dangerous. Donny reluctantly agrees, but Metalhead, who rightfully doesn’t want to be shut down, makes a run for it, locking the Turtles in the lab in the process. The Turtles accidentally wake up Master Splinter while they’re trying to get out of the lab. Splinter doesn’t like to get woken up apparently.

nogood answer

Good answer.


The Turtles go after Metalhead, using a tracking device to, uh…track him down. They see Metalhead go into a porta potty, but when they open the door, he’s gone. Weird. Turns out the porta potty is actually a Kraang portal, but it only works when Mikey opens the door for some, unexplained reason.


The turtles enter the portal (some intentionally, others not) to find that all the mutants from past episodes, including Slash and April’s now gross dad, have been made prisoners by the Kraang. Metalhead is actually trying to help them escape, and not trying to help the Kraang destroy world like Leo thought. The Kraang are controlling the mutants with some kind of mind controlling device, which they use to get the mutants to attack the Turtles. A really great battle between the Turtles and the Kraang/mutants begins.

mh kicks butt

Metalhead destroys the device and frees the mutants from the Kraang’s control, and then opens a portal to allow the Turtles and the mutants to escape.

In a nice little moment, Slash saves Raph’s butt from getting blown off by a Kraang soldier.


Unfortunately, the only way to keep the portal open and let everyone escape is by Metalhead staying behind to keep it open. This leads to a gut wrenching scene where Donnie has to say goodbye to Metalhead, who sacrifices himself to save everyone.

After everyone escapes, Metalhead self destructs so he can take out a bunch of Kraang soldiers. Metalhead’s head actually makes it through the portal, so it is possible for Donny to rebuild him in the future. The guys apologize for not trusting metalhead. And that’s the end of the episode.



Really good episode this week with lots of fun action. But that ending was just heartbreaking. NO I DIDN’T CRY! YOU DID!