The Squared Café is where I go to talk about the things I liked (and didn’t) from throughout the week in wrestling, comics, TV or just stuff from the internet. I use lots of PICS and GIFS because if a picture is worth a thousand words, a GIF is worth a thousand and four. Plus it hides the fact that me no write so good. Let’s ninja, shall we?


The Dazzler And Ninja Regal














The Dazzler

  • From: Ninjadeen, Washington
  • Signature Move: Board Break
  • Beard: Yes
  • Weakness: Beard Trimmer

Ninja Regal

  • From: Ninjapool, England
  • Signature Move: Board Retrieval
  • Beard: No
  • Weakness: Nipple




As always, thanks to Tumblr for the GIFS. Click ’em! And don’t forget, read comics!