He’s here! Slash (formerly Raph’s pet turtle, Spike), the toughest turtle around, made his ‘Nickelodeon: Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles’ debut this week. And he debuted with a bang, giving Michelangelo the biggest whooping I’ve ever seen anyone receive on the show, EVER. Pretty harsh, Slash. Pretty harsh.


Raph’s reaction says it all. What the heck, Slash!


Slash’s deal is that Raph is cool, but his brothers ain’t. And Slash is determined to take them out. As we saw, he certainly took out Mikey, and would then go on to take out Donnie.  In victory, he took Mikey and Donnie’s face masks as trophies and tied them around his arm, Ultimate Warrior (fashion) style, and thus making Slash’s cool factor hit bazillion and ten (bazillion and ten is a lot). I can’t help but liking Slash, despite his anger issues and unnecessary vendetta against the Turtles.




In the end, Leo and Raph managed to put Slash down (thanks to a handy hint from Master Splinter), but not for the count, as Slash vanished into the night. Living to fight another day.

I hope to see more of Slash in the future. He’s the kind of bad guy I always hope will see the light and join the good guys to fight the good fight. Until then. We will always have this:


 Raph ‘n’ Slash, Tag Team Champions Of The World

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