Survivor Series and the following Monday Night Raw may not have been too great overall. There were, however, plenty of great, award winning  moments to be had. And here they are:


Wrestler Of The Week: Roman Reigns

Between Survivor Series and Monday Night Raw, Reigns has speared somewhere between  2000 to 3000 people. This guy may have the best spear in wrestling at the moment. It seriously puts the rest to shame. Other spear users may as well ditch the move from now on. It’s not worth doing anymore unless it’s done by Reigns. Who else is currently utilizing the spear these days? Big Show, Christian (when he’s on TV). Kaitlyn gets a pass because her spear is pretty tops too. And Roman going around spearing Divas is probably a no no. Maybe. No, definitely.



Tantrum Of The Week: by Summer Rae

Summer Rae has been channeling a bit of WCW era Chris Jericho, I think. Very nicely done. I’m a sucker for a good grown up tantrum.


Hug Of The Week: Big E Langston and Mark Henry

So that’s how grown up manly male men are supposed to hug. Good to know. I was way off.


Unluckiest Barricade Of The Week: This One

It didn’t stand a chance. Also bonus Best Butt Jiggle Of The Week to Bray Wyatt.


Inverted Atomic Drop Of The Week: Goldust

Bonus best to Seth Rollins for his selling of said Atomic Drop.


Powerbomb Of The Week: Luke Harper

Still gets a best despite the shaky setting up.

Boy I hope this Daniel Bryan kidnapping bit goes somewhere. If Daniel returns from this abduction and clothelines The Wyatt Family out of the ring and that is that, I will be so mad. Like really, really mad.


Most Improved All Of A Sudden Wrestler  Of The Week: Erick Rowan


Worst Punt Kick (And Match And Everything) Of The Week: Randy Orton and Big Show

Missed it by that much. Additional best to me for making a Get Smart reference. That was Get Smart, wasn’t it?

These two. Good grief! Lets never have another match between these two guys. Oh wait, they had another match the following night on Raw. Okay starting from now, then.


OK Maybe I Was A Bit Harsh Earlier Award For Ring Exiting Of The Week: Randy Orton



Thanks to tumblr, specifically and for the great GIFS.

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