WWE Survivor Series 2013 


Pre-show Match: The Miz defeated Kofi Kingston.


Survivor Series Elimination Match: The Shield and The Real Americans defeated The Usos, Goldust, Cody Rhodes and Rey Mysterio. Roman Reigns was the sole survivor for his team, doing what I requested in the process. Spearing everything. Roman eliminated four out of the five opponents.

Rey Mysterio’s return: Nov 2013 – Nov 2013

I don’t know…

…what is happening?


Intercontinental Championship Match: Big E Langston (c) defeated Curtis Axel.

Everyone else was dancing. Why not Big E also?


Survivor Series Elimination Match: The Cast Of Total Divas defeated The Regular Divas.

So much dancing tonight. I don’t understand.


Rick Ross Mark Henry defeated Ryback.


World Heavyweight Championship Match: John Cena (c) defeated Alberto Del Rio.



CM Punk and Daniel Bryan defeated The Wyatt Family.

I was a little surprised by this result. Thought the Wyatts would go over in this one. Maybe next time.


WWE Championship Match: Randy Orton (c) defeated Big Show.


Yep. This match happened.


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