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The Good, The Bad, And The Wrestles: WWE RAW 11/18/13


That’s racist!

Good/Bad: It’s morphin’ time already? Why didn’t you wake me up? Where are my morphin’ boots?

It’s great to see a fresh face make (morph) the leap to the main roster from NXT. I could name a couple of other NXTeens who I would like to have seen on the main roster before Xavier Woods, but it’s still good to a young talent given a chance. I look forward to seeing what Xavier Woods brings to the ring. Hopefully it’s a little less just dancing, and a lot more morphin’! Or wrestling.

Speaking of racist, check out this concise history of racism in the WWE. It’s a very well written (and eye opening) article.


That’s better! Gail Kim that guys face!

Good: Happy Bray Wyatt



Good: Sad Damien Sandow



Good: Dolph Ziggler Jeff Jarretts better than Jeff Jarrett.



Good/Bad: Survivor Series has come early this year!


I said shortest to tallest!


Yay! Rey is back!

What was so wrong about saving this match for Survivor Series?


Bad: New WWE Intercontinental Champion , Big E Langston!



Don’t get me wrong. It’s great to see Big E Langston with a belt, but not that belt. Not these days. Hopefully this is just a stepping stone to bigger, better and fiver things.


Five! Five! Five! Five! Five!

Don’t tell me you haven’t started reading The Manager And The Platypus, yet. Do not tell me that!
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