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The Legend of Korra

Spoilers! (Maybe)

Season two of The Legend of Korra is over. Now what am I supposed to do?

“Yes, I do”

The last four episode of season 2 all aired on the same day. Why? Don’t know. It was great way to start the day, though! The season ended on a high note, leaving season three open to a (spirit) world of opportunities.

Bolin, you are the best!

This season’s standout character (in my opinion) was Bolin. He had my favourite comedy moments and delivered some great action scenes towards the end of the season. I want to see the rest of his last mover. Does Juji really survive? Does Nuktuk overcome Unalaq? He’d better!
The rest of Team Avatar also had some really great moments this season, not just Korra. It was interesting to see Tenzin’s relationship with his siblings and his own children develop throughout the season. Particularly his relationship with nonbending Bumi.

Quiet, Mushroom!

 Don’t be gone too long, Team Avatar.



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